Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hello! Some of you might experience blurry pictures that are not clear to view until they are opened in a big window; this is most likely due to your browser. I believe that most of you use the Internet Explorer which causes the pictures to resize and therefore get blurry.

To have the best view of the "royal images", I recommend downloading Opera. Installing Opera on your computer still lets you keep/and use your initial browser (IE or Firefox,...) and does not harm your computer in any way.
Using Opera is a lot more secure when it comes to virus protection, pop-up's, etc.. which made me switch initially. Also it is faster since it is possible to disable the loading of pictures manually (this is important when you have a dial-up connection).

Additionally, when it comes to looks - Opera got it all. You can customize your browser window in so many ways (colors, tabs, panels,...), you can use mouse gestures, receive your e-mails in just the way Outlook Express works - everything combined on one platform! And: RSS for those who are familiar with it. Every time a blog is updated by its owner, you instantly receive a message telling you so!

Wow! It's truly a great thing - but see for yourself! For any questions, you have my e-mail!

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