Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Letizia's full schedule after maternity leave

Elsa M. translated this article about Letizia’s February and March schedule from in the Royal Forums Thanks for sharing!

The year of Princess Letizia’s maternity may probably also be the one of her great fly as Princess. The agenda of her first week of official activity, after the maternity leave, already gives a slight idea of a greater protagonism that Doña Letizia will assume throughout this year.

In fact, the Princess of Asturias faces these days a marathon of activities, that started last Monday with a swift visit to Tatoi (Greece), along with her husband, Prince Felipe, Queen Sofia and the Infantas Doña Elena and Doña Cristina, in order to pay tribute to Queen Federica (mother of the Spanish sovereign), at the 25th anniversary of her death. At her return, the Princess travelled to Valencia, in order to inaugurate, along with the Prince, the 24th International Fair of Ceramics, Kitchen and Bath Equipments (CEVISAMA 2006). Today, Wednesday, the commitments of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia are located at home. The Princes joined the Kings and the Infantas in the lunch offered to the Russian President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and his wife, Liudmila, which took place at the Palace of La Zarzuela. Tonight, Doña Letizia will dress a gown and tiara for the first time since the birth, so to attend the gala dinnermat the Royal Palace. Finally, this tight week of activities end with the Princes of Asturias traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria, for the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Cervantes Institute.

Besides, the following months will also full of acts, in case it’s confirmed that the Princess will accompany Don Felipe to a the investitures of the new heads of state; 9 in all: Bolivia, Honduras, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Peru and Venezuela.

New wardrobe

For the next months, the Princess is already managing new clothes for the acts she has ahead of her. Doña Letizia has returned once again to trust the Spanish designers Adolpho Domínguez and Felipe Varela, for the daytime official acts of the next weeks, and Lorenzo Caprile, for gala gowns.

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thank you for your comment on my site,
Letizia indeed has a busy scedule. she is a hardworking royal. Her new wardrobe is lovely, but is most of the time too dark.
I love your site! :)